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Great inspiration only comes when you love what you are doing. Without passion, there is no great breakthrough. At MyAuroras, we concentrate on passion rather than on employment. Therefore there are no employees in myAurora except the founders.

There Is Beauty In Simplicity

Our team will help you turn your startup or small business into a respectable and profit-generating machine from strategy and research to design and development.

MyAurora is a consultancy agency founded in 2019. Based and operated in Toronto, Canada, our team of more than five, but with a wide network in different industries offers marketing strategy, business consulting, and digital strategy solutions for clients ranging from small-market to mid-market level businesses. The main focus of MyAurora is business consulting and leadership coaching for companies who want to scale their business. We will put systems in place that boost your company’s internal productivity, taking loads off of staff so that they can focus on growth and development. We also work to improve performance tracking and the training process for new employees. MyAurora provides business process automation and development services to various companies and institutions. Additional services include market research, marketing strategy, and logistics and supply chain consulting.


MyAurora is not a traditional consulting agency. The advantage of MyAurora is that it has a network of professionals in different spheres, which can be easily accessed anytime.  

A team of global talents from different parts of the world gathered in Toronto with the sole purpose of making you successful and helped you to succeed in Canada. 

The system, MyAuroras, relies only on the system. We believe that behind any successful company stays a synchronized system, which can run the company smoothly and moreover without any intervention.

MyAuroras follows the philosophy of Kaizen, but with the North American Management style. We implement the wisdom philosophy of the Asia into capitalistic North America.

Our Purpose

We believe innovation is key to success for the long-term growth of the company. Our mission is to transform traditional management strategies, which worked in the last century, into a new, progressive management strategy by identifying its weaknesses and transforming them into strengths. 


To add load up with meaningful values to our clients, improve their ranking and industry position, and give them competitive advantage by transforming traditional management system into destructive strategy by using valid, robust, and timely strategies.

  • Identify current weakness
  • Identify business core advantage
  • Identify the current and potential market trends
  • Identify and apply company transformation 
  • Constant development and research
  • Implementing disruptive strategies
  • Continuous improvement of all function
  • Provide exceptional service  

our history

Depends on our success

December 2019
In December 2019, My MyAurora was born. Incorporated in operated despite COVID-19, which affected the globe.
January 2020
First client of MyAurora. In a couple of weeks, MyAurora signed its first contract.
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